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Horse dog cat art pet portraits pictures
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Andalusian Horse


History and Origin of the Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse Art Picture
Andalusian Stallion on the coast of Spain where the breed originated. A typical castle ruins is in the background.
"Forces of Nature" by Dee Dee Murry
18 x 24 Oil

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Horse dog cat art pet portraits pictures

Andalusian Horse Art Picture

There are few horses that command a greater presence than the beautiful Andalusian Horse. Standing an average of 15.2 to 16.2 hands high, he is solidly built, yet has a distinctive elegance and fluidity in his movements. The stallions in particular, have a prominent crest to their neck and a handsome long flowing mane and tail, the mane often reaching to their knees or lower. Their backs are short and strong, the croup round with a low set tail. The Andalusian Horse should be proud, willing and strong, yet with a docile demeaner.

The majority of Andalusian Horses are gray (80%), another 15% are bay and the remainder come in black, dun or palomino.

The Andalusian Horse generally has a very docile and willing temperament. Andalusian Stallions are easily trained and learn quickly under a kind and understanding hand. Today, the Andalusian is used for a variety of events and especially excels in dressage, driving, jumping, english and western pleasure, and of course stands out as a parade and exhibition horse.

The beautiful Andalusian horse got it's name from where it originated, in the Province of Andalusia in Spain. It descended from Iberian horses in Spain and Portugal. The Iberian horses from Spain and Portugal are the Andalusian's ancestors. More recently, there was a split made between the Andalusian and the Lusitano horses, with the Andalusian being Spanish and the Lusitano being Portuguese. The name "Lusitano" comes from "Lusitania", which is the old Roman name for Portugal.

For a short time in history, the Andalusian Horse was commonly used as a war horse, ridden fully armored by knights in Europe. Once firearms were introduced though, the Andalusian was used by Royalty and became known as the Royal Horse of Europe. It is easy to see why this honor was bestowed upon the beautiful and willing Andalusian. Andalusian Horse Art Picture
  An Andalusian Stallion performing the "Spanish Walk"

Andalusian Horse Art Picture

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