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Horse dog cat art pet portraits pictures
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Horse dog cat art pet portraits pictures
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Horse dog cat art pet portraits pictures

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great dane pet portrait
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$55 plus shipping and tax

7" x 9" overall 10 x 12

Includes 1 stamp, and hunting pamphlet

Certificate of Authenticity

Pencil remarques $100
Color painted remarques $200
Allow 4 weeks for remarques.

Signed and numbered 90 - 100

Prints feature a 6.5 x 9 inch full color image of the award winning art with ample margins, overall size of 12 x 14 inches.
Produced on the highest quality archival paper with the best fade resistant inks available.

Regular Edition: 750 signed/numbered: $190.

Typically combined with a mint stamp. Executive Edition: 150 signed/numbered : $200 Typically combined with a mint stamp, an artist signed stamp, and a remarque. Artist Proofs: 100 signed/numbered: $220 Stamps Mint Stamp: $18 Artist Signed Stamp: $20 Stamps may not be purchased without a print. Up to two stamps per print. Procedes from stamp sales go to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. Remarques Pencil Remarque: $100 Small original drawing on lower print margin. Color Remarque: $200 Small original painting on lower print margin. Allow up to four weeks for Remarqued Prints.

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